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Complete Physical Exam

This is an in-depth screening for persons aged 40 years plus

which is comprised of two appointments. Part one is a preparation visit

for recommended lab, Xray, EKG, TB (tuberculosis) screening and

vaccination update. The results of preparatory testing assists your

provider in the assessment of your health. Part two is the face to face

time with your provider when he/she will perform a full body

physical examination and review your preparation results. This

appointment is typically scheduled 7-10 days after the preparatory visit.

General Physical (Men) / Annual Exam (Women)

These examinations are scheduled at regular intervals to ensure proper growth and development of children from the newborn phase into adulthood. They involve detailed questions on diet, behavior and developmental skills. In addition, they often coincide with recommended immunizations. If a child is significantly ill at the time of the examination, the provider may decide the time scheduled is best spent on managing the illness and rescheduling the Well Check so that important developmental parameters can be assessed. Immunizations are allowable if a child has a minor illness, but it is wise to wait until after a significant illness has resolved to administer some vaccinations.


The following is the recommended schedule for Well Checks:

Well Checks

This is a screening examination to assess health in adults under

40 years. It consists of a review of past health issues, family history and

habits. It also includes an update on immunizations and a physical

examination that includes a genitalia examination.


Areas may be identified that need further testing. If you anticipate you will need a fasting test (e.g., cholesterol) and want to have it drawn on the day of your examination, schedule an early morning appointment and do not eat after 7 pm or drink after midnight (except water or black coffee). Take medications that are not affected by fasting such as blood pressure, thyroid, allergy, etc. Do not take diabetic or other medications that should be taken on a full stomach until you eat.

♥   2,4, and 6 months (includes immunizations)

♥    9 months (includes a test for anemia)

♥   12 and 15 months (includes immunizations)

♥   18 months

♥    Yearly from 2-18 years (immunization updates scattered throughout)

Sports Physicals

Children face many challenges as they enter adolescence, and we request that a portion of the interview with the child be in private once they have reached 8 years of age. Many children do not feel free to fully reveal their needs and questions when a parent is present. It is imperative that all persons, including children, feel confident in the privacy of his or her visit with a provider. Many issues can be addressed before they cause serious problems for a child if he or she feels free to discuss any concern. We will always encourage a child to discuss with parent any concern of a serious nature that they discuss with us, and we will offer to help mediate in that conversation if needed.

A Sports Physical is a very important examination used to identify serious limitations in a child's safe participation in sports. Dangerous medical conditions exist in which symptoms are very subtle, or not even present. The Pre-Participation Questionnaire on the front page of sports physical forms is extremely important and must be thoroughly considered and answered by the child and guardian prior to the examination so that the child can be evaluated with as much information as possible.


Often relegated to noisy, public gymnasiums, this examination is frequently deemed as a cursory "sign-off". However, a Sports Physical

is actually quite involved and should be relatively sport-specific. We prefer to incorporate these examinations into the Well Check visits, as

they are the most comprehensive. If possible, try to schedule a Well Check to include the Sports evaluation. Therefore, the forms can be

completed at the time of the examination. If the timing is too far off, it may be best to schedule these separately.

Specialty Physicals

Some physicals may require processes or procedures not normally performed. To ensure completion of your particular physical requirements in a timely manner, please call ahead with specifics of your physical if they are not covered in the above topics.

Prescription  Refills (Follow-Up)

Many refills require lab analysis to protect healthy organs from long term medication use and to ensure success in their use (for example, successfully lowering cholesterol or BP, or controlling diabetes, etc.). Inform the Scheduling Specialist of the time interval on your medication (a 3, 4, 6, or 12 month follow up, for instance). Your visit will be more productive if you schedule your labs 1-2 weeks ahead of your visit so the results can be reviewed and any changes made then.

Pre-operative clearance

This evaluation is requested by a surgeon to evaluate your risk of complication during or after surgery. Depending upon your age and medical conditions, it may include an EKG, Xray, and lab. It is quite common to discover an abnormality or risk factor that requires further testing before surgery can be recommended (for example., a cardiac stress test or pulmonary function testing). Unless immediately life or limb-threatening, a surgeon will not risk your health by operating on you until you have been cleared medically. Surgeries are often delayed due to further testing that must be completed.


If you are aware of an upcoming surgery, ask your surgeon if you require clearance. It is best to start the clearance process 1-2 weeks before anticipated surgery if at all possible. Please remember we are all striving to keep you as healthy and safe as possible.

ER or hospitalization follow-up

Inform the Scheduling Specialist of the hospital name, admission and discharge dates, and diagnosis so that we may acquire all of the needed information to asses your recovery. The standard paperwork given to a patient at discharge from the hospital or ER does not contain specifics your provider may need to assess you.

Surgical procedures

The type of procedure determines the length of time required to care for your condition. Give as much detail as possible to the Scheduling Specialist to ensure enough time is provided.

Acute visits

Illnesses of a sudden nature are categorized as acute. These include most infections, allergy or asthma flares, injuries, and sudden onset pain or disability.

Nurse Visits

Nurse visits include allergy shots, ordered immunizations, blood pressure checks, suture removals, and drug screens. Nurse visits are often on a walk-in basis. Nurses are very busy at the first of the morning and immediately after lunch getting scheduled patients checked in and ready to see their provider. Your time is valuable. We recommend you arrive in late morning or mid-afternoon for these visits so that your wait time will be minimized.

Lab appointments

Many lab sessions include a test that requires fasting, but some do not. Those that do not can be scheduled later in the morning and in the afternoon. As mentioned earlier, if you need refills on medications, try to schedule your lab appointment 1-2 weeks before your appointment so the results can be reviewed.


Some labs requested by specialist physicians are not common tests and can require substantial research by the phlebotomist. To ensure you do not have to wait a long time or be rescheduled, please provide a copy of your order at least 1 day in advance so ample time is given for this research.

Xray Appointments

Some Xray evaluations are scheduled and may require extended time or special supplies. Let the Scheduling Specialist know your specific order if from a specialist physician.

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